Dormont Gas Hose – 1/2″


Dormont unbraided Gas Hose 1/2″

  • Quick-Disconnect Coupling
  • Straight Restrainer Cable with mounting hardware
  • Easy to reconnect
  • Flat face preventing the ingress of dirt
  • Designed for catering applications
  • For use with natural gas appliances
  • Pressure drop determines how much gas is delivered. Higher pressure will increase the amount delivered. Lower pressures and the addition of Performance Options may reduce the amount delivered. Be sure to check your installation requirements when ordering gas hoses and/or seek the advice of a CORGI engineer
  • Correct installation: 1. QD part of the hose should be at the suppl end. 2. Ensure that there is a natural, single loop – no sharp bends, crimps or twists in te hose – to avoid fatigue. 3. Do not allow hose to drag on the floor. 4. The restrainer should be slightly shorter than the length of the gas hose to avoid over-extending the hose – do not attach restrainer to gas supply pipes, gas hose or any point insufficiently anchored
  • Certified to BS 669-2:1997
  • Worldwide accreditation
  • Comes in 3 lengths
  • Please note that we do not accept any returns on spare parts


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