Estrella 2 Group Coffee Espresso Machine AE-Z2


The king of all coffee machines a true barista??s dream machine, if you ever wanted an amazing machine that makes the ultimate coffees and innovation of design with superb technology to be strong and reliable and user-friendly then this is your choice. Fully stainless steel anti rust body, lever steam taps to with stand high demand, tall cups capacity for use of Americano to the smallest espressos. With its override systems that if the boiler doesn’t fill you could press a button to fill manual the same goes for the groups if the touch pads don??t work then override to manual all this is to keep you in business until a service engineer is on site. The idea for this machine is to look good be strong last long be reliable user-friendly and make great coffees what else do you want!

  • Strong Digital display
  • Program machine dosage
  • Lever steam valves
  • Overrides function
  • Internal pumps
  • Fully stainless steel body/steam nozzles
  • Removable side & front panels
  • Boiler drain tap empties water into drain hose
  • Anti splash hot water outlet
  • Fully automatic
  • Fast recovery
  • Strong for heavy demand
  • Fully stainless steel body
  • External water softener is required to stop the machine from scaling up (CTU10/CTU15)
  • Dimensions: 730mm (w) x 550mm (d) x 520mm (h)
  • 1 Year Return to Base Warranty