Coffee Machine Service

Scaled Coffee Machine Boiler No matter what coffee machine you have or were you purchased it from, here at SOS our fully trained coffee engineers will provide a professional and friendly service. To get your machine working like brand new. A service should be done anually and at the same time fitted with a new water softener. A new water softener will ensure the machine works to the best of its ability and heavily reduces the amount of limescale build up over the year. A full service consists of taking your machine away to our coffee machine workshop, were it will be stripped down to the bare frame exposing all copper pipes and components. The boiler will then be removed and left in acid for a thorough descale. All components are then checked to make sure everything is in order before we put the machine back together using brand new seals and gaskets. Once its back to its functional state a functionality and pressure test is carried out to ensure the machine is working like new. If it passes all our tests and we are happy its working to its optimum state, we will then arrange a delivery date that suits your convience. As you can appreciate all this work being put into your machine will take time and you’ll be without your machine during that time, however that is why we make sure you are not left out of business by giving you a fully functional loan machine included in the price so you do not have to worry about loss of earnings.